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schedule bannerPlease ensure double check your email is correctly typed. Also your appointment is received only when you see a confirmation screen saying appointment accepted plus receive an email confirmation.

You can reschedule online from the link in your confirmation email upto 24 hours before.

Should you wish to reschedule use the link sent in the confirmation email

Please be cautious if you click the link to reschedule it automatically cancels your appointment – awaiting a new slot

If you’re delayed in traffic we may not be able to perform your session

Please fully shave the area to be lasered as close as possible for best results

For all facial areas please arrive prior to the appointment time and use cleansers in the washroom to remove all product from the area to be lasered – if you haven’t we cannot guarantee against any ab-reactions due to makeup in and around the follicleFake Tan: we cannot treat areas with fake tan as it will mark your skinHolidays to the sun/sunbeds: please allow 2 weeks prior and 3/4 weeks after heavy sun exposure till tan fades and also exfoliate your skin a week before

We operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy for appointments upto 60 minutes & a 48 hour policy for appointments of 90, 120 & 150 minutes to allow us to fill the slots.

Please check which appointment you’d like as our system has been updated with new links.

Our cancellation policy for appointments upto 60 minutes duration is 24 hours, for full body & extended appointments over 60 minutes we require 48 hours notice.

Links for common Hair Removal areas with first available Duty Therapist

Male & Female Therapists on Duty

Click here for Underarm Only
Click here for Lip/Chin Only
Click here for Half Face
Click here for Full Face
Click here for Bikini Only
Click here for Bikini & Underarm Combo
Click here for Half Leg Bikini & Underarm Combo

For all other appointments please refer to the link given to you by your therapist from the links below:

1 Click here for all other appointments links with Duty Therapist

2 For all Full Body appointments with Duty Therapist 90mins, 120 Mins & 150 Mins please click here

Should you be unsure please email

Links to Laura’s Diary

Book appointment with Laura

Should you be unsure of duration please email

Links to Andrew’s Diary

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NLP & Hypnotherapy Appointment Diary

Click here for all NLP & Hypnotherapy links with Andrew

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